Download LIVEb4buy Merchant App

1. Goto App store from your homepage
2. In the search bar type “LIVEb4buy Merchant” Download the app and install.
3. Once installed open the app

  • install app
  • Open LIVEb4buy

Step 1: Email Validation
> Enter your LIVEb4buy store registered email address which you provided during your LIVEb4buy App Subscription
> Once verified an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to that email address

merchant app home page

Step 2: OTP Authentication
> Enter the correct OTP sent to your email address
> If OTP is correct then only you will be able to log in

Merchant App OTP Screen

Step 3: Change Passcode (Optional)
> You can change the passcode if you want to
> If not, you can skip this step and continue to next step

change password screen

Step 4: Add New Customer Entry
> Select “Add Customer Info” to add new customer entry
> You will be redirected to customer details form
> Customer/Shopper can fill in the details and select “Submit” to add new entry

customer form

Step 6: View / Export Customer Data
> Select “View Customer Info” to view all available customer data
> You will shown the List of previously entered Customer information
> You can view each customer data
> Select “Export” on top right corner to export available customer data
> You will have to authenticate the export by entering your passcode

  • customer info
  • share customer details