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Augmented Reality

Furniture Products Augmented Reality View Stores On-Boarding Furniture Stores Eurohaus Modern Furniture Royal...

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Genie Chat Bot

Walmart has started testing a virtual shopping technology that lets customers browse a...

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360 In-Store Shopping

Flower Shop AR View Flower Shop In-Store Shopping Experience

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LIVEb4buy Market place

LIVEb4buy is a Multi Store Listing MarketPlace with unique shopping featuring AR /...

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LIVEb4buy MyStore App

LIVEMyStore is a Single Store’s Private Mobile App with unique shopping featuring AR...

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LIVE Managed Service

LIVEMS is a Marketing Managed Services with any service augmenting LIVE Customers. Time...

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360 In-Store Shopping Experience

LIVEb4buy 360 In-Store Shopping Experience

  • Delight online shoppers by giving them a curated, Merchandised and beautiful visual shopping experience through a in-Store on your website, instead of the endless scroll on your websites.
  • This 360 in-Store shop can be easily accessed via your web site link and our LIVEb4buy Market place Mobile App or your store private Mobile App.
  • Let anyone from around the world visit your retail store virtually and shop it. LIVEb4buy help you pop-up the customer selected product info in 360 Shop inside and creates an interactive 360 experience from it that can be accessed via a your website and LIVEb4buy Apps.
360 instore shopping

Augmented Reality

LIVEb4buy Augmented Reality

LIVEb4buy Releases Augmented Reality In iOS ARkit.

  • Increase conversion by letting customers interactively view home products like as Furniture, Art gallery, Florist, Rugs in 3D in the real world in front of them and them home or their like environments
  • And letting them compare multiple products side-by-side in their room to make a purchase decision.
  • Make your store LIVEb4buy ARplus enabled to let shoppers access digital information and with in-store merchandise through your own Private mobile app and our LIVEb4buy Market Place
  • Provide additional content such as product info and product variants that help in making the in-store purchase decision

Virtual Reality

LIVEb4buy Releases Virtual Reality Shopping

  • By adding a virtual extension to your retail store via VR, you can do more with less physical real estate and reduce costs of setting up product displays and shipping merchandise, all while delighting customers with a unique brand experience
  • Shoppers will get the immersive interactive experience in your store via a mobile VR headset - Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR.
  • One of the nice things about LIVEb4buy VR shopping is that it's ubiquitous. The virtual personal assistant runs on a host of devices, allowing you to interact with in-Store to view product info, walk around the store and place orders.
LIVEb4buy Virtual Reality

Genie ChatBot

LIVEb4buy Genie Chatbot

LIVEb4buy Releases Genie ChatBot

  • When your customers have questions about your products or your services, they want answers, and fast—or else they’ll simply take their orders elsewhere.
  • If your store LIVEb4buy Genie Chat enabled, Genie will answer your customer queries.
  • LIVEb4buy Genie also provides analytics so you can see exactly what’s helping your customers, and what isn’t.

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