LIVEb4buy For Augmented Reality Shopping | Virtual Reality Shopping | Artificial Intelligence Shopping | Online Instore Shopping | Development Company in California, USA
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LIVEb4buy (Pronounced as “LYV bi-FOR BY”) offers In-Store Shopping Experience Online. Our aim is to mimic instore shopping experience by bringing the Shop – 360° virtually to your computing devices like Laptop , Tablet & on Mobile Site. Your InStore shopping experience will be enhanced when you visit the store using Virtual Reality Gadgets like Google Cardboard, Samsung VR Gear. Also you will be able to add the products available in the shop to the Shopping Cart by your voice command. All those products added to the shopping cart will be available in Augmented Reality Viewer to Validate the products in your physical environment before you make a purchase decision.

About US


To enable people to have the full in-store interactive shopping experience online by making it more exciting (naturally / visually appealing), effective (simulating the objects in other environment ) and engaging (with interactive conversations)


Evolve into a large, successful product organization to bring virtual solution to every online and brick and mortar store in the world.


Multi Device - Responsive Design

LIVEb4buy product is compatible in Responsive Design. Responsive Design offers device agnostic display and usage.

Points Of Selling

Capture your audience sell your products at your website and anywhere you can share your 360 Pano View. ie. Google Business View.

Enable Buy with Quick Search

Enable Buy for the customer at the discretion of the Shoppers. Entire Product Search without leaving 360° Pano View.

On E-commerce Platform

No separate login required. Seamless BigCommerce integrated access to Store Owner, Sales Managers and more..

Only for Trusted Photographers & eCommerce Resellers

LIVEb4buy welcomes partners across the globe to sell it to their customers. eCommerce platform resellers can also enroll our partnership program.

Social 360 eCommerce Shopping Cart

Enable Buy at your website and share the embedded 360 display to your social mediums like Facebook , Instagram and others.

Recent Project

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LIVEb4buy Onboarding