Setting up Virtual Showroom in BigCommerce platform?

How to setup Virtual showroom in BigCommerce Platform?

LIVEb4buy Team would like to share the detailed steps of configuring Google Business Views on your BigCommerce eCommerce platform.

This narration will be explained in 3 steps

  1.     Find the Google Business View  of your Storefront
  2.    Configure GBView – iFrame URL as BigCommerce Virtual Showroom
  3.     Shopper View – Your buyer’s Web View



A. Find the Google Business View ( Virtual Showroom iFrame URL )

1. Search your storefront name in Google ( Search Window

2. Click  the ‘See Inside’ image URL

3. Adjust your viewpoint, so that you can depict the first visualization of your store front in a nice manner.

4. Choose the front view of page screen 360° Panoramic view, click the bread crumb icons in the Top Left corner.

choose the suitable front view

5. Click the icon to review ,  and select’Share or embed image’  from the three drop down list.

share or embed image


6. Then select the second tabular column ‘Embed image’, and adjust the drop down from ‘Medium’ to ‘Large’  and see the picture size increases. Now copy this iframe content to the clipboard.

select the dropdown list large

B  Configure GBView – iFrame URL as BigCommerce Virtual Showroom

1 . Login to ( your regualar BigCommerce Storefront Admin page. Then enter the User Name & Password.


2. Title Main Menu Bar –> Click the Web Content

3. Select the ‘Web Pages’ from the drop down list

bigcommer webcontent

4. Click the ‘Create a Web Page’ Button and choose the Radio button red color box highlighted,

create the webpage

5. Choose the Radio button red color box highlighted – ‘Contain content created using the WYSIWYG editor below’

creeate web page nw

6.  In the Web Page Details heading, enter Page name text field as ‘virtualshowroom’ and Page Url textfield as ‘/virtualshowroom’

edit HTML editor

7. In Page Content area review the HTML text area

bigcommerce HTML Editor

8. Go to the HTML Editor and click red highlighted area

Edit HTML Editor Paste Link


9. Paste the google embedded link from the Clipboard in to this HTML Source Editor then click the updated button to save the content.

HTML Editor Paste iframe


10. Click the ‘Save & Add Another’ Button, and review the message. ‘The new page has been added successfully’.

save button

page created successfully

C.  Shopper View – Your buyer’s Web View

1.  Go to your storefront website and review your ‘Quick Links’  section in the bottom


2. Now your https://yourstorefrontwebsite/virtualshowroom will showcase your Google Business View, which is similar to the given below content