LIVEMyStore Private Mobile App

Develop your own Mobile App for your Store


The LIVEMyStore App will convert your Online Store into a native mobile application. No need for any desktops/laptops to shop from your store, customers/shoppers can easily visit your store by using the mobile application (Android/iOS) on the go.

The mobile application has a better user experience with splendid features like Augmented Reality. The mobile application provides a user-friendly experience and enhances the customers’ engagement with the mobile platform.

LIVEMyStore App can be easily integrated with whichever eCommerce platform you are in. So, what you waiting for, get your personal customized mobile app with great features & functionalities for your store now.

Need for a Mobile App?

In a modern fast-growing world of eCommerce, business has its undeniable advantages both for retailers and consumers. For Retailers, it is an opportunity to expand the business into global markets while spending much lower budget than the offline business demands. For consumers, eCommerce simplifies the whole purchasing process and ensures them with an opportunity of comparing products and services, as well as their prices and make global choices regardless of geography.

Providing direct interaction with consumer helps to shorten the product distribution chain. And developing a mobile app for an eCommerce store is the best option.

Every year, more and more people prefer to shop using their gadgets, and in particular from mobile applications that are installed there.
Recent researchers confirm this:

Necessity of a mobile app for your eCommerce business

1. Increased visibility to Shoppers

As far as consumers are glued to their smartphones, a mobile application for your business is the only option to be face to face with the consumer and to maintain the communication.

2. In-built features impact purchase

Platform native mobile eCommerce app ensures not only better performance but also access to all inbuilt features of a device like AR, chatbot, GPS, calendar, microphone, camera, etc. Such features help to provide more advanced communication and exciting experience while using your application

3. Platform-Native apps boost usability

If you create an eCommerce mobile application due to all platform guidelines, it will enhance user experience decently. eCommerce native apps help to cut about 2-3 steps before purchase.

4. Smart way to collect shopper information

A mobile app for your online business helps to collect and analyze user`s data to find out insights of consumer preferences and buying habits. Also with an app, you can inform a user about the latest news based on his interests.

5. Increase customer engagement and retention

Offline stores have little to do with a client between two visits to the shop but with an app for your online shopping business, your opportunities are boundless.

6. Develop better social capital

In your mobile eCommerce app, you can link all social media resources of your business and bring them to the entire communication with a customer. Users like to listen to the reviews of their friends and the social sharing works on your business even better than a shop associate.

Why LIVEMyStore App

Easy Product Navigation

Highly interactive and user friendly enables shoppers to get to their desired products quicker with lesser number of clicks (touch navigation).

Augmented Reality (AR) view

AR offers great opportunities for eCommerce and online promotions. Shoppers can embed virtual version of the products in their original interior and check the fit and finish of the products.

In-store experience On-line

360 degree Store view gives shoppers a virtual walk around of your store anywhere and anytime making them feel like they are in the store.

Genie ChatBot assistant

Advanced ChatBot allows shoppers to navigate / purchase their desired products with simple text / voice conversation, thereby making shopping more fun and interactive.

Wish List (Favourites)

Shoppers can create their own wish list of products which they can navigate to easily and purchase later.

Social Media Integration

Shoppers share their desired product information with friends and family to get their opinion through the social media applications integrated with the app.

Real-Time Analytics

It is always an essential thing to know about the popularity of your store which is where our analytics data come into play. You can see

get the following information.

  • Number of users who use your App
  • Which products are favourite among shoppers
  • Products that are being purchased frequently