How to Install LIVEb4buy App on Shopify Platform

LIVEb4buy App 4 Step Activation for AR Subscribers

1. LIVEb4buy Apps Installation @LIVEb4buy ( URL and login to Shopify Store. Click the GET

2. If you are a already shopify customer put your store name and login, or you are a new customer please use 14 days trail period, Enter your Email, Password, and your store name then click create your store button.

I am a already shopify customer so i am going to give my store name and login

3. Click the Apps menu in the left sidebar

4. Then click the visit shopify app store button

5. Type LIVEb4buy in search bar and give Enter

6. Click the LIVEb4buy App

7. Click the Get button in the right side

8. You can install the LIVEb4buy app, Click the install app button

9. Fill the details in the signup form, and check the all checkbox feild, finally click the creat account

10. If you want 360 degree store view you can enable it or else you can disable it.

11. When you disable 360 view, you will have 4 steps activation, In the 1st step click the download Categories button, Once it is finished click the 2nd step

12. Choose your business category, as it is shown below then click the 3rd step

13. Click the Enable webhook button, once it finished go to the 4th step

14. Click the “Sync All Products” button, to download your product information into LIVEb4buy App. After this first time download, we will have Product Categories & Product details synced up automatically.

15. Finally App is installed, All steps are done for Augmented Reality Module.