Enable LIVEb4buy Mobile App Download Menu

In Shopify to add LIVEb4buy App Download page menu item, please follow the steps below

Step 1:

  • In your LIVEb4buy Dashboard page goto “Assets” from the side menu
  • Under Assets select “Social Media & URLs”
  • step 1

    Step 2:

  • Scroll down to “Enable LIVEb4buy Mobile App download page”
  • Select the icon as given
  • step 2.1

  • Once created a confirmation message will pop-up on the bottom right corner
  • step 2.2

    Step 3:

  • Now that your page is created lets move on to adding the menu item
  • From the Shopify side menu goto “Navigation” menu under Online Store option
  • step 3.1

  • As per your convenience you can either add the menu item to the “Main menu” or the “Footer menu”
  • To add the menu item to the main menu select “Main menu” from the options given (OR)
  • If you want to add menu item to the footer menu select “Footer menu”
  • step 3.2

    Step 4:

  • After choosing the menu type it is time to add the new menu item
  • Now select “Add menu item” from the bottom
  • step 4.1

  • Enter the name as “LIVEb4buy App Download”
  • Under “Links” select “pages” sub menu
  • step 4.2

  • From the given options choose “DOWNLOAD LIVEB4BUY APP” option
  • step 4.3

  • Once you have linked the page with the menu item click “Add” to add this menu to Shopify page
  • step 4.4

    Step 5:

  • Now that you have selected the appropriate option its time to save the new menu item
  • Simply click on the “save menu” option on the bottom right corner
  • Main Menu
    step 5.1

    Footer menu
    step 5.2

    Step 6:

  • Now the LIVEb4buy App download menu has been added to the “Main menu” or the “Footer menu” in your Shopify page as shown
  • Menu item added to Main Menu
    step 6.1

    You can also watch our video tutorial to understand better