Medium to Expert Shopify Merchant

(If you Already Have a Shopify Store or Have done eCommerce in other platforms:)

LIVEARf Target Customers

We support

  • Wall Art Artists
  • HomeDecor Artists
  • Art Market place owners
  • Custom Picture Framers / Custom Mirror Framers
  • Photographers

Shopify Themes

We support all Shopify Themes including Free , Paid Custom themes.

As we are uniquely providing the Brand Specific Single Page eCommerce Product Configurator

Classical Branded Customers

Modern Branded Customer

One Gif explaining

Replicate, Bay Frames, Historic Pic, Wall Storie

One Gif explaining

Inertia , Menlo Park, Miami Abstract , Picture IT, PhotoPrints

Include all 3 from above – Wallart, Picture upload, Mirror Framing

Include all 3 from above – Wallart, Picture upload, Mirror Framing

To provide Visual Sales Engagement for your Buyers , we will solve your needs. We have pre-integrated these themes.

Standard Free Themes

Studio / crave / Dawn / Craft

Custom or Paid Themes

Empire / Debut / Motion / Grid / Ella / Molla / Shella / Alchemy / zdz

Buyers – Psychology

Single Page Configurator – LIVEARf

steps component wallstorie

Offers Configurator / Designer board to choose and make confident decisions in a Single Page. Yet we offer unique UI per merchant with their brand!! In UI, 70% section for Visual Configuration 30% section for Text based data Selection

Allow you to select the type of product they want. Allow you to configure the product to their specifications, such as the size, color, and features.

SEO / Digital Marketing per page level at ease

LiveARf provide customers with virtual tours of products. This can be helpful for customers who are unable to visit a physical location

We are End to End App provider for Artwork / Photography like Art Sector / Industry NZ Mirrorcity

Workflow based Configurator

Steps Component PrimeFaces

<div class =”card “>

<p:steps >
<p:menuitem value =”Product Type Selection “/>
<p:menuitem value =”Artwork / Picture Selection “/>
<p:menuitem value =”Frame Selection “/>
<p:menuitem value =”Mat Selection “/>

<p:menuitem value =”Glass / Wrap Selection .. And So on “/>

</p:steps >
</div >

Assume buyers are required to be hand holded ! Buyers will not be able to jump between steps. Kind of stuck to start from scratch. Valuable time is lost for buyers. After a few tries, buyers abandon the order itself !

All in one place and marketing your solution is hard !

One boring workflow for so many merchants !

Configurator Pricing Setup

All Pricing Setup in Shopify

Most of the Setup in Shopify and few in LIVEARf

Complex Configurator – Pricing Setup in LIVEARf

One Gif explaining –

Inertia, Miami Abstract , Picture IT,

One Gif explaining –

Wall Storie , Miami Abstract, Craft Studio

One Gif explaining –

PhotoPrints, Menlo Park, Mirror City

Include all 3 from above – Wallart, Picture upload, Mirror Framing

Include all 3 from above – Wallart, Picture upload, Mirror Framing

Variants based Pricing

Product Bundle based Pricing

Only Frame Group and or Frame Style will be Set on Image Icons and more !

Wealth of Communication -with- Business Analyst team

Plase join our Whatsapp LIVEARf Community Group to keep upbreast about best use of LIVEARf and better run your SMB

LIVEARf – LIVEVUE Activation

1 – 5 Sample Framing Type – Products Setup

Once you have  LIVEARf Built for Shopify App

installed in your Production or Test Store

Atlease enable any or all 5 of the Sample Products in LIVEVUE Sample Setup

Wall Art

Upload an Image for Framing with Mat

Curved Mirror Framing with Backlit LEDs

Canas Wrap

Acrylic HD Metalic Print

If your shopify theme is not pre-integrated with shopify theme, we will fix that in our Test Store

We will enable the any or all 5 of the Sample Products in LIVEVUE Sample Setup in your test Store

Best Practices Guidance

We have noticed a few apps providing only Extensive Options & Pricing Setup. We noticed few apps are only providing – Fixed number of images generated with various framing, mat, color choices. We noticed various zooming photography apps. We noticed various types of discount providing apps. You no longer need them

BUT LiveARf allows you to use a variety of media formats in your presentations, including images, videos, and text. This can help your presentations in a more engaging and visually appealing way. Also you can see the 3D model of the picture and there is virtual room to place the 3D models to your virtual room models.

One Gif : explaining features set of multiple apps into one LIVEARf – Vertically Integrated App

We have built LIVEARf exclusively for the Artwork / Framing only community. We address anything relevant in these areas to provide successful Visual Sales Engagement for your Buyers ! We at LIVEARf ensures Product Display / Order Capture and Exhaustive Order Fulfillment details for successful Artwork / Framing Business at ease.

Free Consulting

1 hour free consulting in Google Meet

  • Walk you through the Requirement template ’s each section
    • Custom Framing
    • Canvas Wrap
    • Acrylic HD Metallic
    • Mirror Framing and so on
  • Various Options
    • Frame Groups
    • Frame Styles /
    • Mat / Glass / Canvas Wrap and so on
  • Pricing Calculator Section
  • You are better off setting up smaller milestones to accomplish every week and go live every week in a phased manner

Test Store Requirement

Please keep the Shopify Store Themes of Test Store as equivalent in production. Please export production collections – products with options/ variants/ price setups (if applicable) and import into test site.

Also grant access to our Dev and Testing Team by following this URL

Subscription Enablement

Now that LIVEARf test products are already working in your test store, you can apply the visual sales configuration in each and applicable categories (a.k.a shopify collections).

Based on your store products count, please enable the LIVEVUE – Subscription

Detailed Requirements

A) Detailed Frame ( pictures / vendor urls ) Styles are captured and required images for LIVEVUE gets created and placed in Shopify CDN for faster download across the globe !

B) The Frame Generator section in LiveARf allows users to create custom picture frames for their artwork. Users can choose from a variety of frame styles, colors, and materials to create the perfect frame for their artwork. they can choose the frame style, color, and material that they want.

Once the user is satisfied with the frame, they can then download it as a digital file or order it as a physical frame.

C) Custom Room Images: The Custom Room Generator in LiveARf is a tool that allows users to create virtual rooms where they can display their artwork. This can be useful for artists who want to create virtual art galleries or for art lovers who want to visualize how artwork would look in their own homes.

D) Without the Transparency, we will not be able to modify the room wall color. Picture Size requirements :

E) Pricing Calculator in Google Sheet for Complex Pricing Scenario

SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle Process

A) We will setup Weekly status meeting at an amicable time catering to various time zones. Business Analyst will lead the meetings with development and testing team members around.

B) Based on the tasks documented in the requirements sheet, we will go on to develop / configure / train you on the usage

C) Once the merchant approves the time to go live, after validations, we can go live phased manner as well.

Novice to Fair understanding as Shopify Merchant

Use Account / Artwork / Photography – Integration Service / FRamers / Moulding / Printing Service / PrintOnDemand .

Tax / Shipping Cost →Shopify Documentation .