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Request Staff Account Permission

1. Permissions to offer Better LIVEARf Service

We are requesting a specific staff account permission for our team. The reasons for this request are as follows:

a. Shopify Content Access

  • Adding Frame Images to the Content Section:  

We request access to the “Content Section -> File Section” on your Shopify store. Vendor URLs, vendor codes, and customer submitted photographic frames will serve as input for our software to generate full frame images and corner images

For more detail, please refer to Modus operandi.

Once generated, these images will be placed in the designated Content -> File section of your store. This enhancement will allow buyers to explore your products(artworks/pictures) with frames, providing them with a better visualization of your USP offerings.

  • Better Loading time: To ensure a seamless browsing experience, we prefer to use your own storage for these frame images. This way both of your shopify product images & frame images will load to your Product Page faster. And hence improved User’s Buying Experience.

b. Shopify Product Access

We request access to your Shopify product settings to facilitate modifications within the ‘LIVEARf’ test store. This access is necessary for managing and updating products and collections in the test environment.

c. Shopify Theme Access

We request access to your Shopify theme, specifically for the purpose of integrating the ‘LIVEARf’ app’s framing options and LIVEVUE features based on Collection IDs. By obtaining theme access, we aim to enable these features selectively for different categories or collections within your online store using the ‘LIVEARf’ app.

d. Shopify Apps – LIVEARf Access

We require access to the LIVEARf app for the configuration process.The configuration process involves tailoring the app’s behavior to align with their store’s needs, enabling them to optimize its performance and ensure seamless integration with their Shopify store.

2. Steps to Staff account permissions in Shopify:


Step 1: Accessing Shopify Admin

Step 2: Navigate to Setting 

Step 3: Go to Users and Permissions

Staff Account

Step 4: Add a Staff Account

Step 5: Fill in Staff Details

When adding a staff account, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • First Name : Acumen
  • Last Name : LIVEARf
  • Email Address : staff.liverf.acumen@gmail.com

Step 6: Set Store Permissions

After filling in the staff details, you’ll see the “Store Permissions” section. 

a. Store Permissions – Content Access

You can enable the ‘Store settings → Manage settings‘ checkbox to grant permission for us to upload the frame image file to the content section.

b. Store Permissions –  Product Access

You can enable the ‘Products’ checkbox to grant permission for us to Product access

c. Store Permissions –  Theme Access

You can enable the ‘Online store → Themes‘ and ‘Edit code’ checkbox to grant permission for us to Theme access.

d. Store Permissions –  LIVEARf Access

You can enable the ‘App permission → LIVEARf‘ checkbox to grant permission for us to LIVEARf App access.

3. Send Invite

Step 7: Click on the “Send invite” button

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