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Pricing Calculation

LIVEARF Pricing configuration

  • Pre-Defined Pricing

  • Custom Pricing

1. Pre-Defined Pricing:

It shows the total value of price calculated based on the size combinations with other selected features like matte, frames, frame styles, etc. This pre-defined pricing is utilized by our customers in real-time for their frame purchases.

  1. Navigate to the section labeled “LIVEVUE” → “Pricing Calculation” .

  1. In the “Pricing Calculation” section, locate the “Select category” dropdown box.
  2. From the dropdown, choose the desired category for which you want to configure pricing calculations.

  1. Once a category is selected, the displayed sizes are specific to the collection and are not determined at the merchant level. All product sizes within the chosen category will be shown.

  1. If you’ve recently added new sizes and they are not yet displayed, you can ensure their availability by using the “Sync All Size” button. Click this button to synchronize the new sizes with the pricing calculation configuration.

  1. Under the Choose Price Type, Choose the “Pre-defined” option from the available choices. This option allows you to configure pricing based on predefined settings from the LIVEVUE Configuration.

  1. The options that you’ve previously created in the LIVEVUE Configuration will now be listed alongside their respective size combinations.

  1. Enter the prices for each framing element corresponding to a particular size combination. You can do this by inputting the price values in the respective cells of the size combination table.

  1. Click the “Save” button on the right side to save the pricing configuration.
  2. Upon successful saving of the pricing configuration, a tick mark will appear.

  1. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until you’ve entered and saved prices for all the framing elements and their corresponding sizes.
  2. The preview will demonstrate how each framing element, along with its associated size, will be priced and displayed to the website.

Price Configuration Example:

For further clarification, let’s consider an example of Shopify price configuration for a specific size.

1. Size Configuration:

  • Size: 8 INCH X 8 INCH
  • Price: $40

2. Frame Configuration:

  • Frame: Camel
  • Price: $100

3. Total Price Calculation:

  • Size Price: $40
  • Frame Price: $100

Total Price: $40 (Size) + $100 (Frame) = $140

Let’s expand upon the previous example to include mat pricing configurations.

5. Mat Configuration:

  • Mat: 2 inch
  • Price: $5

6. Total Price Calculation:

  • Size Price: $40
  • Frame Price: $100
  • Mat Price: $5

Total Price: $40 (Size) + $100 (Frame) + $5 (Mat) = $145

As shown in the examples provided, you can configure prices for various options created in LIVEVUE Configuration based on different sizes.

2. Custom Pricing

Custom Pricing includes linear calculation and area calculation in addition to the combination of size, matte, frames etc., It is called Complex Pricing.

Detailed video is available for the custom pricing calculation.

LInk: Pricing

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